Limousine Truck

DIY Rolling Caravan Shell

Moulding and Tooling

Blackop Industries recently purchased the moulding and tooling from Grandview Caravans from NSW and have started to manufacture “Do It Yourself” style caravans.

We manufacture the chassis and add rim and tyre package along with off road rated suspension components. We manufacture the composite panels & fit them and it is sold as a “do it yourself” custom build.

We supply a rolling shell that consists of the following:

Chassis Ladder – Sandblasted, Epoxy Primed & Painted
Installed Tow Ball Hitch Assembly
Installed 8” Jockey Wheel

Installed Handbrake Cable Kit

Installed Suspension

Installed Rims & All Terrain Tyres
Installed 4x Stabiliser Legs

Installed Composite Panel Floor
Installed Fibreglass Front Cap

Installed Fibreglass Rear Cap

Installed Composite Panel Side Walls
Installed Entrance Door

Installed Step for Entrance Door

Installed Tow Ball Hitch Assembly
Uninstalled Shower Cubicle

Sway Control Unit (no loom)

BM Pro Trailsafe Brakeaway

If you have an enquiry about our DIY Rolling Caravan Shell please don’t hesitate to fill out the enquiry form below and we will get back to you shortly.